Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Styling Bob Haircuts

Fall 07 Wearing The Bob
If you have fine, limp hair, consider a bob.Your hair will have shape. There are so many variations on the bob, you can easily find one for you. Classic, easy to maintain, the bob looks great with accessories. Shown here with a headband at right. The look is so today.It can be worn with a sweater and some jeans.This is a choppy bob.Styling this look can be fun. You could wear this without a bang as well. The cut could all be the same lenght.For a smooth finish you could set this with jumbo velcro rollers. The crown could be backcombed.
The bob at left is The American Look that is so now.This version has some graduation at the back. It's a knockout with the sunglasses. It too can be worn with or without a fringe. The front could be a little longer than the back giving it a more geometric feel. This looks best with a hair colour that has some punch.