Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hair Color For Spring

Platinum Blonde
Seen at: Tom Ford. Flaxen strands set the trend for spring  and brighten the  summer days ahead. If your hair is dark platinum is best achieved with a double process bleach and tone. Lighter hair can be processed with a single application cream hair lightener. Never use powder bleach on the scalp. Platinum can add body and volume to fine, thin and limp hair. Conditioning your hair is essential to keeping it healthy. Have a deep conditioning treatment at the salon every time you get a color service. It will keep your hair healthy and in good condition to prevent your color from fading. Conditioning seals the cuticle locking in the color. At home condition every time you wash. Your hair will stay soft and silky. The revitalizing properties found in Judaysia Hair Salad help prevent color from fading and eliminate frizz. You can also use Judaysia Holy Water the first leave in conditioner formulated to eliminate frizz in fine,limp and thin hair without weighing it down. A natural blend of horsetail along with plants and flowers thicken every strand.