Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hair For Coachella and Stagecoach

To Lust After

 Set your heart on loose beach waves for summer. The look is lived in tousled hair that is voluminous and textured without a hint of frizz. To give your locks a gentle bend use Judaysia Holy Water. The gentle naturceutical  formula will give your hair volume and movement. Keep your hair soft and free in the desert by using Holy Water. Mist it on your locks to give your hair a sexy relaxed look. Pack a Survival Kit for your hair. A hat is a must. Keep the sun off your scalp and face. Spray your hair with Judaysia Finishing Spray. UV sunscreen protection for your hair and scalp. Take along a good light weight carry all. The Judaysia Malibu Beach Bag is 3 bags in one. The light weight tote easily fits over your shoulder. You have another bag inside to put your Holy Water, head band, bobby pins and pony tail holder. The very small bag can hold your money.  I would even throw in a scarf to wrap around my head. Take sunscreen and reapply it to your face and hands. The desert heats up and you will want to stay as cool as possible. Wear cotton clothes in light colors. Light weight layers are a good choice because when the sun goes down you could feel chilled. An over sized scarf can go over your shoulders and around your waist. Visit for more.