Friday, March 21, 2014

Bald Spot In Back of Head

Discover Your Highness.
Millions of people have a thin  bald looking spot in the back of their head just below the crown. They think they are going bald. It is not baldness. It is a Whorl. A whorl is hair that forms a circular pattern in the crown. Your hair takes it growth direction from the whorl. Discover the  easy
 solution to make your hair thicker and eliminate the bald spot.

Discover Your Highness
Judaysia Your Highness lifts your crown.
It solves the big problem for people who have a flat, separated, bald-looking spot in the back of their head and the front.
Your Highness is the first product to eliminate this ugly flat spot (whorl) at the back of the crown by making the hair thicker, giving it exceptional lift and volume.
It is a cowlick and whorl tamer.
Your Highness gives lift to flat, limp, hair preventing see thru scalp.
Botanical based Naturceutical Judaysia Your Highness is never sticky or stiff and will not build up. Makes hair soft, thick and shiny. Paraben Free.
Packaged with a unique spray button with a safety lock for travel.
We are Paraben and Phthalate Free. Recyclable. No Animal Testing  Available at