Sunday, February 09, 2014

Coloring Your Bush

Funky Monkey
My girlfriend and I have been coloring our bush since we were in high school. The shapes are always changing along with the color.  We have always used Manic Panic's vegetable based hair color.
 They are vibrant and safe to use.  Try a crimson heart or just a tuft of blue. There is nothing cooler than a hot pink landing strip.
 To Get The Look: Crazy colors shine brighter on bleached hair. Use a cream bleach. Try to keep it off your skin, use a barrier cream.When the desired amount of lightness is achieved rinse and shampoo and rinse again with tepid water.
 Let hair dry. Apply the desired color according to the directions. Manic Panic is safe and vegan. It even glows under the black light. Wow.