Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Stay Out of Ventura Camarillo and Oxnard

Entrapment Beware!
If you are planning on going to Camarillo, Ventura or Oxnard to shop, get your hair done or meet someone for lunch do yourself a favor and go some where else.
The Camarillo outlets are set up to give you a ticket for turning right out of their driveways. This causes an unsafe condition for you, but means tons of revenue for the city.
My client went to court today for a ticket for turning right out of the driveway. There was  light and an arrow. He followed traffic. He was given the ticket not the two cars in front of me. Here is what you may not know.: There is no way to get out of the ticket. Your citation has a court date. When you get there you are in line with hundreds of other people only to be told you will need another court date and the officer will be served.  Or you can pay the full amount and dispute it by mail. It is all a scam from the good old boys club.The ticket was 239.00. 304.00 if you want to go to traffic school plus the price of the school.  Do you really think you can dispute it? The officer is a trained professional in the art of making you the loser. Who do you think the judge will believe? Aside from that do you really think you will win by mail and get your money back? No Way!
  If you dare to have a glass of wine in any of the salons you will get a DUI. You do not have to blow the limit to get one. My clients have gotten them for having one glass. Remember it is driving under the influence. It is up to the arresting officer  to determine if you are impaired or not.   Oxnard has the traffic lights timed to give you a citation for running a red light. 

The whole county is a sham. Every where you go you are being set up to get a ticket or arrested. My client received a DUI riding home on his bicycle.
The money this county makes from arrests is appalling. Stay out of there. The only way to protect yourself is too not give them any money. That's what its all about. Serving and Protecting does not exist. It is all about Quota and Revenue. I feel if you beat the DUI the arresting officer should have to reimburse you for your car being impounded, and all the fees. By the way your mug shot will be posted on a web site and you will never get a job. Stay away do not give them your money.
Our privacy needs to be protected and all personal information should not be allowed on any web site.