Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gel Nails

On a recent trip to Detroit I had my nails done at the Southland Mall Universal Nails. I asked the tech. for a french manicure. No gel. He used gel on the white tip without my knowledge.
I must say this is the worst manicure I have ever had. It has peeled, cracked and split every one of my nails. One nail is split vertical through the nail bed.
Gel nails are toxic. They can damage your nails and removing them is so unhealthy. Acetone polish remover is very bad for your organs and respiratory system.
Our manicure business has been cheapened and invaded by technicians who are not very well trained.Going to a small course at a beauty school does not make a very good technician. Selling services that are inferior is a shame. I went to school with women who took pride in their work and took advanced training. They priced their work at the high end of the scale because they were worth it.
The closest I have come to this kind of service was at the Spa Casino in Palm Springs. I stopped in for a polish change and the technician went over my nails and gave gave me a beautiful polish that lasted all week. She was expensive but worth it.