Monday, April 25, 2011

Judaysia Hair Care

Products help your hair. They nourish the scalp and cuticle. The cuticle of the hair takes the most stress. It should be healed and nourished daily with oxygen. Your hair and scalp need cell rejuvenating anti oxidants just like the rest of your body.
Judaysia Hair Care is a blend of nature and science. Naturceutical. My first product line was Voltech in the early nineties. I named it after my hair cutting technique, Volumtechnics. I worked with a holistic practitioner to develop the Voltech line. For the past ten years we have been developing Judaysia. My hair care is formulated with wine, acai, herbs and flowers.
I am into thicker healthy hair and scalp naturally. I believe a woman's hair should be soft and shiny. It should swing and move.
I only use my own products on my hair because I know whats in them.