Thursday, March 12, 2009

Katie Holmes New Hair

Katie Holmes has gone from long to short and back to long again. You can achieve the look by booking an appointment with your hairdresser or you can do it yourself. Clip in hair extensions are all the rage. They have been used by celebrities and rock stars to change their look in an instant.
Human hair extensions are the best. You can tint and highlight them to match your own hair. They come in varying lengths. You can make your hair look thicker with the addition of just a few clip-ins. They are wonderful for updo's. Invest in good quality human hair and you will enjoy them for years to come.
I recommend the clip-ins because they do not damage your hair. I have seen too much damage from the permanent extensions. Heat, glue and even the sewn in extensions always cause some breakage. They can fall out and take a piece of your hair with them. At some point you will have to take them out and let your hair grow.
Salon application of hair extensions can start at 1500.00 and go up. Clip -in hair extensions can start at 75.00.