Monday, February 16, 2009

Choppy Layers

Messed Up
Choppy layers give straight hair texture. Hair layered with Volumtechnics Haircutting Technology thickens every strand. Hair is supported and given strength so it always falls into place. As the hair grows out the shape is kept intact so your hair gets longer, stronger and thicker. This allows busy women to go longer between appointments because their hair is holding it's shape. Fine, thin and limp hair love Volumtechnics. The baby fine strands are thickened making styling so much easier. Thin hair looks and feels thicker. Limp hair is shaped.
Curly hair can be shaped so beautifully with Volumtechnics. Curly and wavy hair have so much elasticity Volumtechnics builds weight into the strand where it is needed to keep the strands from shrinking. It makes the waves so much more manageable. When curly hair is flat ironed it looks smooth and free of split ends. To learn more about Volumtechnics visit