Sunday, December 28, 2008

Highlighting Fine Limp Hair

Ask Judaysia
Dear Judaysia,
My hair is so fine and limp I could just cry. It will not hold a shape of any kind. I have to wash it everyday because it is so oily. My last hairdresser cut my hair short, he said it was so fine, short was the only way to wear it. Needless to say I looked terrible and it just stuck to my head. I have grown my hair out and found a new hairdresser. She has cut it one length between my jaw and shoulder. She said my hair would have more body with some highlights.It is a dishwater mousy color. She suggested some lighter shades. I am afraid because of so many past disasters. I have been reading the articles on your site for the past year and I love what you do with fine hair. I live in New York and cannot come to L.A. Please give me your advice. Thank you, Carolynn.
Dear Carolynn,
Your new hairdresser seems to know what she is talking about. Yes, highlights would give you more body and help with your oily hair. Don't be afraid of hair color. It can be corrected if you don't like it. I would suggest trying just a partial highlight because you are color shy. Have her shade your hair with three shades of blonde. This will give it depth and warmth which will result in natural looking color. Stay away from ash tones. Your hair is already ashy. Also take small weaves. You will love your hair with some color. Be sure to condition your hair even though it is fine. I suggest you try Judaysia Holy Water. It will not weigh your hair down. It is a leave in conditioner that leaves your hair shiny and frizz free. Judaysia Holy Water is formulated with ginseng and natural flowers and herbs. It really does perform miracles. I hope this will help you take the plunge. Remember to change your make-up with your hair color. Try a new shade of lipstick. For more...