Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Salon Etiquette Update

Helpful Hints
I came across an article today on salon etiquette. I thought It would be a good idea to pass some of it along.
Please turn off your cell phone in the salon. It is very hard for your stylist to give you a good cut when you are leaning and talking on the phone.
If you bring your children, please keep them off of the equipment. Styling chairs are not carnival rides. Spinning and jumping in them can make them off balance. Your child could get injured. Please keep them from running and screaming.
Don’t be afraid to ask the price. If you decide to add a service when you arrive ask how much.
If you do not like your service or would like something changed, ask in a courteous manner. If you complain do it politely. Your stylist wants you to be happy.
Tipping is generally fifteen to twenty percent of the service. It is now customary to tip the owner. Shampoo assistants 2-3 dollars. If you pay with a credit card tip in cash.

I hope this helps. Please write me if you need help.