Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spring 08 Short Hair

Cropped Short
Boy cuts are showing up all over the place. Hair is left longer on top and cut shorter underneath. This is a soft version and the edges have been left shaggy. Styling is minimal. All that is required is a trip to your hairdresser every four weeks. Short hair has to be cut more often and on a regular basis to maintain the look. If you are thinking about going shorter for spring take your time. Make hair shorter over three haircuts. Going from long to extremely short can be a shock. Remember short hair will give your face and neck full exposure. Change your makeup with your new look. Shape your brows. Take pictures to your hairdresser and discuss the cut and the styling. Be sure your stylist will take time with you to show you how to style your new look. Schedule your appointment so you have time and you are not in a hurry.