Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bob Jawline

This version of the bob is being worn by so many women. It is cropping up on every face shape, body size and age.Women like to wear the latest look,and that's a good thing. When considering the cut look at your face. A short layered back shows your neck and jawline. It can make your neck look big. A severe line at the chin will draw the eye right to it. If you have any sign of age at your chin line like jowls they will stick out and become the focal point of your face. If you have a double chin it will become the focal point. Geometric lines at the jaw widen the face.
They key is to take the trend and adapt it for you. A hairdresser with an artful eye will suggest what is right for your face. They will know what length slims and softens. They will use a current method of cutting. Hair cut in the old precision method looks dated. Even though an old look emerges again it is cut in a new way. Styling tools have changed and so have products. Make sure your haircut looks good on you.