Thursday, February 07, 2008

Style Your Hair E-Book

Fast and Easy
No matter what your age you can learn to style your hair. In minutes you can make your hair look thicker. You can even make yourself look thinner. Judaysia has made her Style Your Hair into an e-book. You can learn the secrets of the stars for beautiful hair. Judaysia teaches you with easy step-by-step how to's.Her fool proof methods show you how to blow-dry your hair, make waves and curls, set your hair in rollers and trim your own bangs. She tells you how to get rid of frizz. It is 15 pages jammed packed with advice, pictures, instructions and styling tips.Even if you are all thumbs this book is for you. Styles keep changing and this book keeps you up to date with all the new styling trends. Download it at
The earrings in the picture are by Wendy Brandes available at