Monday, January 28, 2008

Ask Judaysia: Damaged Hair

Dear Judaysia,
My hair is so dry and damaged. It is bleached blonde. I go to the salon regularly to have it touched up. My natural color is a medium brown. My hairdresser applies a thick white powder bleach to my hair, and then puts me under the hair dryer. I am getting some breakage and I have told my hairdresser, but my hair is not getting any better. What can I do? Paula, Palm Beach Fla.
Dear Paula. If your hair is breaking you should stop bleaching it. I do not recommend powder bleach to lighten your hair. It should be used for off the scalp lightening such as highlights. This product is too strong for your hair and the fact that your hairdresser is putting you under the dryer is causing dryness and breakage. You need to recondition your hair. I recommend Voltech Hair Salad every time you wash. It is the holy grail of conditioners. Completely restores damaged hair. If your hairdresser is not listening to you, find a new salon. There are a lot of good salons in your area. There are products on the market to lighten darker hair without damage. For the time being your hair will look and feel better if you stop bleaching. Baby your hair. Treat it with the utmost care. Use a wide tooth comb when it is wet and start at the bottom of the strand and work your way up. Do not use any gels or mousse until the breakage stops. Do not use the flat iron or curling iron. When blow drying use the warm setting not hot air and use boar bristle brushes. Plastic will cause further breakage. Please write me in a couple of months and let me know if your condition has improved.